07 June, 2010

this is actually for 6.10.10, of course...

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melting banana memories?

Thursday May 27th
yea, yeah. i'm just getting around to putting these up. i've been busy!!
we decided to go back to DOUBLE RECIPE mode this week. just for fun. the first one i made was the "banana cookies"...and i don't know WHY it uploaded it tilted to the right. agshfgfhhhhh.
as you see, i adjusted it a bit. adding some spices, and since dates are still difficult to find, i used dried mango again, like i did in the wheat and fruit cookies.
while those baked up, chad fixed the machine...
laura and cassandra did...stuff...oh and cassandra brought a savory pie again! blueberry with bleu cheese...

mmm brussel sprouts!
the other recipe...i was excited about these...
my makeshift pastry tool...a ziplock bag with the corner cut off. fancy!!
laura cut her finger :(
cream cheese frosting ready to go... 
are you drooling yet?
both recipes were excellent.
friends enjoying cookies, beer and tea. and each other, because let's face it laura and i know awesome people.
poor chad. we harassed him. this is laura making him take a picture with her.
hey shelvy. hey pip. hey emily.

i'm learnin th' banjo!! thanks to my friend phill for such a fantastic barter!
the evening ended with a viewing of arrested development.

definite success. both cookies got rave reviews. some people actually said the banana cookies were their favorite so far. victory!

attendees: 13
us, amy, cassandra, chad, emily, ian, meghan, pip, shelvy, shannon, red, zach

love, colleen