07 June, 2010

this is actually for 6.10.10, of course...

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Hello hello.

After last week's successful twofer we tried to go back to the old restrictive one-cookie-per-week regime. But somewhere between chewing our double mint gum, listening to Evelyn Evelyn, and arguing over who's cuter (I say Simon, Colleen maintains Garfunkel. Colleen wrong. So very wrong.) we realized that well, good things come in twos.

So this week we'll be going for a double-hitter with lemon bars and chocolate chocolate chocolate cookies. Colleen tried to point out that triple chocolate doesn't really go with the theme. I tried to beat her with both my shoes (*May not have actually happened).

Same time, same place, Same same geeky hostesses

Love Love,

Laura and Colleen,

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