07 June, 2010

this is actually for 6.10.10, of course...

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melting banana memories?

Thursday May 27th
yea, yeah. i'm just getting around to putting these up. i've been busy!!
we decided to go back to DOUBLE RECIPE mode this week. just for fun. the first one i made was the "banana cookies"...and i don't know WHY it uploaded it tilted to the right. agshfgfhhhhh.
as you see, i adjusted it a bit. adding some spices, and since dates are still difficult to find, i used dried mango again, like i did in the wheat and fruit cookies.
while those baked up, chad fixed the machine...
laura and cassandra did...stuff...oh and cassandra brought a savory pie again! blueberry with bleu cheese...

mmm brussel sprouts!
the other recipe...i was excited about these...
my makeshift pastry tool...a ziplock bag with the corner cut off. fancy!!
laura cut her finger :(
cream cheese frosting ready to go... 
are you drooling yet?
both recipes were excellent.
friends enjoying cookies, beer and tea. and each other, because let's face it laura and i know awesome people.
poor chad. we harassed him. this is laura making him take a picture with her.
hey shelvy. hey pip. hey emily.

i'm learnin th' banjo!! thanks to my friend phill for such a fantastic barter!
the evening ended with a viewing of arrested development.

definite success. both cookies got rave reviews. some people actually said the banana cookies were their favorite so far. victory!

attendees: 13
us, amy, cassandra, chad, emily, ian, meghan, pip, shelvy, shannon, red, zach

love, colleen

27 May, 2010


i finally caught up! here's the picture and e-mail invite for tonight, thursday may 27th! wow!!

love, colleen!
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take the mallow, put it on the chocolate...

...and then, you stuff.
as i said, in the post below, thursday may 20th was chocolate marshmallow nutty goodness bar night. mostly these pictures are just of the baking process...it was a busy night and i didn't really get a chance to photograph the lovely guests! 
anyway, here is the recipe...i could NOT get it rotated right (or left?) to save my life. so...sorry :[

anyway...melting chocolate is really fun kinda. 
and stirring it into cookie dough is even funner. (or more fun, for you grammar nazis out there)

it baked up REAL happily...i set the oven a tad below 325 instead of 350...that seemed to do it!
well, this time around, anyway. stupid oven.

now, to pour on the sugary mallowy awesomeness...

ready to roast
a few minutes later...

golden toasty perfection!!

and laura made peanut butter cookies again.

they were so. yummy.
and rich. lots of people went home with marshmallow fudge brownie-bars that night.

aaaand cassandra's amazing 3D photos. 

i thought the results were excellent. so i'm proclaiming a victory. anyone want to argue? i THOUGHT not!!

attendees: 9...?
us, cassandra, chad, emily, zach, my parents, and 2 of laura's friends who i can't remember

love, colleen

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26 May, 2010

may 20th post coming soon!

 the cookies for thursday may 20th were fated to be "chocolate mallow bars"...and ended up boasting the greatest graphic yet...

within an hour upon its internet release, ian revealed his stunning re-interpretation...


love, colleen

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may 13th

cookies can be good for you, too! but we did our best to make that not *quite* happen.
the graphic accompanying the weekly e-mail was pretty straightforward about what we would be attempting to make--that being--"wheat and fruit cookies"
 the recipe called for dates...but they are out of season. so i thought some dried apples and mangoes would do splendidly. and i put brown sugar in them...even though it didn't tell me to.

the area is all prepped and ready.

but first...
a little REAL nutrition! laura arms us with forks...

and thus starts our new weekly tradition...eating roasted broccoli and brussel sprouts before we basically have cookies for dinner.
"still life with veggies and hands"
this was the third week, i believe, that we did this. and it's been pretty fantastic. only those who are there on the early side get to partake...laura, me, chad, and this time, by the skin of her teeth, cassandra!
i'll just let you come up with your own caption for this picture.

i think think photo of cassandra and my mom is super cute.

little man on an orange!

general frivolity...
pip, shelvy and his lovely lady lindsey

this picture just does my heart good. what a spread...
cassandra brought a savory apple and herb pie, laura made some of her famous peanut butter cookies, and there on the bottom right are the wheat and fruit cookies! which i loved...laura wasn't a huge fan. they seemed to win people over, i think, as there were only 2 left at the end of the night. and look at all they had to contend with!!


attendees: 8
us, cassandra, chad, lindsey, pip, shannon, shelvy

love, colleen!

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