27 May, 2010

take the mallow, put it on the chocolate...

...and then, you stuff.
as i said, in the post below, thursday may 20th was chocolate marshmallow nutty goodness bar night. mostly these pictures are just of the baking process...it was a busy night and i didn't really get a chance to photograph the lovely guests! 
anyway, here is the recipe...i could NOT get it rotated right (or left?) to save my life. so...sorry :[

anyway...melting chocolate is really fun kinda. 
and stirring it into cookie dough is even funner. (or more fun, for you grammar nazis out there)

it baked up REAL happily...i set the oven a tad below 325 instead of 350...that seemed to do it!
well, this time around, anyway. stupid oven.

now, to pour on the sugary mallowy awesomeness...

ready to roast
a few minutes later...

golden toasty perfection!!

and laura made peanut butter cookies again.

they were so. yummy.
and rich. lots of people went home with marshmallow fudge brownie-bars that night.

aaaand cassandra's amazing 3D photos. 

i thought the results were excellent. so i'm proclaiming a victory. anyone want to argue? i THOUGHT not!!

attendees: 9...?
us, cassandra, chad, emily, zach, my parents, and 2 of laura's friends who i can't remember

love, colleen

click "read more", and see laura's e-mail that week!

Greetings Cookie Kids,

Yes, it's happening this week. Yes, we're sending the e-mail out late again. And no, it's not you, it's definitely us. You should understand that by now. Anywho... 

Tomorrow night we're delving back into the world I like to lovingly refer to as "heartache on a plate." Or rather, in a bar. Try this one on for size: pecan chocolate mallow bars. Just make sure you try it on a size larger than you usually would--after all the sugar we're gonna pump you with you'll need all the wiggle room you can get. Afterward, we're going to have a waddling contest! It'll be grand. Just be sure to smile for the camera: http://cookienights.blogspot.com/ 

More butter! More butter! More butter! 


Laura and Colleen 

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