21 May, 2010


Thursday, March 4th...Anzac Biscuits!

would you like some wine with your pan-fried butter and corn syrup?

laura and shannon sip their tea

the girls can't contain their love and enthusiasm for austrailia's favorite biscuit!

it looks like if there was anyone that had too much of that yellowtail merlot...it was laura...

crikey, they were tasty!

attendees: 6
us, amaris, bettina, laura b, shannon

love, colleen

jump down to read laura's e-mail!

Beloved members of the cookie eating nation,

They say that vegetarianism can cause anemia. To them I say, you are the weird ones--you who, upon spying a particularly appealing machine don't lick your lips in anticipation, cast your eyes to the stars, and declare to all who might hear, "I gotta get me a piece of that!"  Well dear friends, now you can, as this Thursday we will be making cinnamon stars--resplendent in editable ball bearings.

Although, we must also give thanks that we are free to consume sugar versions of machinery. What a wonderful world! In celebration those who fought for the right to indulge down under, we will also be consuming Anzac biscuits--a commemorative cookie traditionally baked in every April 25th in Australia to honor fallen soldiers at Gallipoli in 1915-1961. Truly, if our fallen Aussie brothers were with us today, they would have joined cookie night festivities--where they might have been heard to declare..."Mate, in my day, we didn't have editable ball bearings. We didn't need them! Sissies!"

You can't win them all.

Fight the good fight.


Laura (and Colleen)

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