23 May, 2010

cookie stardust

Thursday  March 25, 2010

our second radically themed cookie night was centered around a guy named ziggy, and some martian arachnids. hey, the cookies were star-shaped! (official name: Cinnamon Stars) 
what other choice could we possibly have?
basically it was an excuse to get all snazzy. and paint blue stars and lightning bolts and stuff on our faces.

cassandra, as always, went for awesome and wore some psychedelic false lashes...

cookie dough hands. scary.

les dragées!!

little silver candies...or triple tongue piercings?

so, uh, the cookies didn't really turn out how we thought...
the creator of the cookbook placed a picture of a sugar cookie next to a recipe that called for no flour, but rather ground almonds. and, you know, our tempermental oven didn't help either. 

meghan can't contain her amusement at out baking misfortune.

in spite of their unattractive appearance...they were actually not that bad!
 meghan referred to then as "apple cinnamon cookies"
shelvy wrote in the book: "David Bowie save us!! There's no flour, nothing to make them rise, no cookie in these cookies!"
we agreed they'd probably make a good apple pie crust.

pip, have a cookie, and meet shannon!

the evening ended the only way it could...with a viewing of Labyrinth, naturally!

attendees: 8
us, cassandra, meghan, mom, pip, shannon, shelvey

love, colleen

jump to laura's e-mail...

Dear Friends,

Several weeks ago we made you a simple promise: cookie with freaking edible ball bearings on top. This--as cookie foot soldier Cassandra pointed out--is nearly impossible due to restrictions in the state of California prohibiting such wonders. Further research revealed that Amazon--clearly in cahoots--won't ship said decorations to CA.

Hemming and hawing commenced. Plans to join the baking black market were formed. The world's greatest Facebook conversation was sparked (See attachment). Hope was lost. Then found...then lost again.

Well today, we bring you great news from cookie HQ--thanks to Cassandra's covert operations (Dang I'm glad we didn't opt to shoot the messenger)--we now have in our possession the very thing California law so desperately wants to deny us access to. Thursday, we celebrate our lawlessness with almond star cookies, and a salute to the bad boy of baked goods himself, Ziggy Stardust.

Please come dressed in your finest 80s glam wear. Remember: it'll look better in the police photos after the inevitable raid.

Yours in radness,

Laura and Colleen!

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