11 May, 2010

[insert clever pirate cookie joke here]

Thursday, 14 January
the early years, pt 3
seeing as we flipped to a recipe that called for rum (specifically, "rum spice cookies"), we therefore decided that 1.14.10 would be our first themed parrrrty. that being, naturally, a pirate party!
complete with a bottle o' rum!
laura and i decked out in our pirate-y finest
 of course rum shots were had all around
oh, and guess what? we were still on the 2-recipe system. so not only were there delectable rum spice cookies (which are still one of my favorites we've made thus far), but some goooooey chocolatey fudge cookies. just...amazing.
as cousin amy wrote in the cookie book: "why bake them?"
just look at that dough...
they weren't half-bad all baked up, either.
our abundant spread...
i seem to remember it being a particularly fine evening outside.

 arrrrg. success, matey!

 attentees: 9
us, amy, andrew, cassandra, chelsea, evan, melissa, pip

love, colleen

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