22 May, 2010


Thursday March 18, 2010

the delightful cookie of this mid-march thursday evening was  "boules de neige"
 basically, super light and airy...coconut and meringue blended and baked to optimum fluffiness
here i am making it fluffy...


we had the pleasure of acacia and aimee coming back through from slo before flying back home the next morning. 
here is acacia "hovering"...

this is pretty much the last picture of anything coookie-ish. i forgot to take more of the darn things once they were BAKED. sheesh. i don't even really remember what they looked like. were these the ones we put preserves on?

OH YEAH and this was the week cassandra brought the drageés!! we were so excited!

well--i was excited, anyway... 
edible ball bearings!! sacre bleu!!
quick back story: these are ILLEGAL in the state of california...you can't even get them shipped in. so we had cassandra's mom buy them where she lives out of state and send them to her. ha! tricky girls we be. (why am i talking like a pirate)

aaand all the lovely people that came and hung out with us that evening. lots of rare visitors like jeffrey bear, my cousin clayton, and of course acacia and aimee!

and at the end of the night, after everyone had left...this was inexplicably the desktop background on my laptop:

wonder how that happened.

attendees: 14
us, acacia, aimee, amaris, amy, bettina, cassandra, clayton, evan, ian, jeffbishop, laura b, pip

love, colleen

go to the jump to read laura's e-mail for the night!

Bonjour Comrades!

Have you ever stopped to wonder, what's French for "My love for cookies is as boundless as the sea!" or "Dang this cookie makes me smile with my stomach!" or "Why does my iTunes insists on filling any musician with even a vague Gallic bent under "Reggae," you evil cursed program!"

Seriously though, the French have all the fun. Bakeries and jazz clubs on every corner, lax smoking laws, men named "Dominique" and "Francois"...it's a veritable wonderland! (I do however, absolutely refuse to address my adopted homeland's obsession with  mollusk consumption. Dégueulasse!)

This Thursday, we'll be celebrating France in all its glory by making "Boules de Neige." If your stomach isn't bilingual by the end of the night, we clearly haven't Belle France justice.

Love and frog legs,

Laura (and Colleen!)

P.S. Stay tuned until next week for the dramatic conclusion to our epic three-part mini-series, "Editable Ball Bearings, Friend or Foe?"

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