10 May, 2010

dropping gum

Thursday 7 January, 2010
the early years, pt 2

first cookie night of the brand-new year! and we started it off well, i think.
still in double-recipe mode, we went to town with "chocolate cherry cookies", and "gumdrop party cookies" here you see the chocolate cookies baking happily in the oven...
recently halved gumdrops waiting to be baked...
 working in the kitchen...
gumdrop cookies hot from the oven! believe it or not, these are still some of my favorite cookies we've made. they baked up so well...and i LOVED the hot, melty, gooey gumdrops.
the chocolate cherry cookies were also excellent. i'll put the recipes up soon!!
successful cookie night? yes. 

attendees: 7
us, bettina, cassandra, ian, pip and shannon

love, colleen

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