26 May, 2010

thursday may 6th

ice cream sandwich cookies OMG
i will be the first to say that i was super excited when we flipped to this recipe the previous week. with summer in the air, awesome people coming every week, i was ready for a real crowd-pleaser! and i think both of us were fine with another excuse to eat ice cream and nutella.

the glorious schmorgasbord of goodies. (i know i spelled shmorgispard wrong)

chad, shelvy and ian chat it up while we apply the finishing touches...

i promised one-who-shall-remain-nameless-but-you-know-who-you-are that i would put this on the internet in exchange for my taking a picture of him...er...them...
 (once again, laura, i apologize you had to be caught in the crossfire)


this picture was a total accident and we couldn't stop laughing for about 3 minutes after i took it.

happiness is ice cream sandwich cookies :)

are those gorgeous or what??

trust me, they tasted as good as they look.

 "sugar coma"

"still life with lights and beer glass"

"friends in the kitchen--and hi there ian!"

good night.
good cookies.

attendees: 7
us, cassandra, chad, ian, meghan, shelvy

love, colleen!

click "read more", and jump to laura's e-mail that week!

Hi Cookieites,

Eww...that sounds like a disease...Now that we've completely gotten off on the wrong foot.

The record screeched to a halt this morning when Colleen and I realized we hadn't sent out a cookie e-mail. Our bad. It's not you, it's us.

But rest assured this week IS happening, and it's made of a alloy of awesome, win, and (as per usual) sugar. We'll be combining two of the most mighty forces known to man--no not Hall and Oats (Don't worry, I made that mistake too), but rather ice cream and cookies. You know you want it, I know I want it (two of them actually, so they'll settle on each hip properly), your super awesome friend who has yet to be introduced to the joy of cookie night, s/he wants it to.

Same time, same place, same over-used puns and outright mockery.


Laura and Colleen.

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