25 May, 2010


Thursday, April 22
firstly, that week's graphic...portraying our return from coachella.
 it really isn't far off the truth. 
and we actually did take this as we were getting home...those are real live dirty-laundry-filled bags, heineken and autograph wristbands and in-n-out shakes you're seeing!!

anyway. on to the cookies...
now, i don't remember exactly, but if this picture is any indication, the baking got off to a rather questionable start...

though if this picture is any indication, they were turning out just fine...
once again, coconut makes everything even better, even chocolate. 
i think i just made some chocolate lovers heads explode.


chad doesn't like having his picture taken.

the finished cookies...chocolate birds' nests indeed!!

cassandra's rad polaroid of our feet...

laura and i toast to a successful night...ching!

mr trololo approves.

oh yeah and then the 3 of us ate grilled cheese sandwiches!
i don't believe in diets.

attendees: 8
us, cassandra, chad, evan, ian, shannon, shelvy

love, colleen

jump down for laura's e-mail!


We've returned from Coachella.

Want cookies? Crave macadamia nuts? Good. Come Thursday. Same Time. Same place. If we haven't made it thought the door by then, do take care not step on us. We're still fragile from all that "throwing our hands in the air and shaking 'em like we're moderately concerned." (We are doing that right...right?)


Laura and Colleen

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