24 May, 2010

sandwiches--not always about tuna

Thursday April 8, 2010

modeling our new hand-made aprons by a lovely friend of laura's.
 the cookies are all cut and pretty and ready to go in the oven!

and they bake perfectly!! cassandra is stoked...
and understandably so. remember the results of last week? 

and WHAT ELSE to you use to sandwich cookies...but nutella? i mean, we used strawberry preserves too, but come on. let's be real here...if there's nutella in the house and you're making sandwich cookies, you're going to do something about that.

it was pip's birthday, and we had people bring bags of granola in celebration. and then his roommate brad took a...weird video of him. i think it's out there somewhere. if i ever come across it i'll put it up.


amaris, laura b and amy showed up...but where was everyone?? certainly not in the kitchen. i think we were in my room watching youtube.

i kind of adore this picture of evan playing the autoharp.
good cookies, good friends. happy times.

VERY successful night. in every way :)

attendees: 10
us, amaris, amy, brad, cassandra, chad, evan, laura b, pip,

love, colleen

make the JUMP...to laura's e-mail that week!

Beloved Kings and Queens of Cookie Land,

Greetings from Utah. If my linguistic skills prove me right, that's native American for land-where-Californians-come-to-sleep-and-play-in-the-snow.

But never fear, come Thursday at the normal time  I will be back in LA-LA land, where cookies will commence as scheduled. And there was much rejoicing...yea.

This week, we'll be doing sandwich cookies. Yes, two cookies for the price of one. Check out the math on this one: cookie+super-awesome-filling+cookie=crazy delicious. Please: bring your favorite cookie filling. We're open to suggestions. And don't hate me because I can speak an obscure Native American dialect AND can do complex cookie math. It's a burden, really.

So by all means, join us for this glorious celebration of gluttony. There was no cookies last week, and no cookies next week, so this may be your only shot for April goodies.

Note: Please do not mug any Girl Scouts in our absence. Remember when obtaining your fix from these noble young ladies, please use your grown-up words. And currency. Currency is good.


Laura and Colleen


Welcome to the "Super Secret Bonus Edition" of the weekly cookie e-mail. Two e-mails in one week?! Yeah, I'm scared too.

Anyway, this week's cookie bash is a mere two days after our dear friend Pip's 27th birthday. He's asked that we don't make too big of a deal of it, but seriously, are we going to miss a chance to celebrate a pal?

The answer, in case you're struggling with it, is NO!

Should you feel moved to participate, please bring along a bag of your favorite granola and note. When he shows up we'll present him with a basket of his favorite snack and well wishes.

Who's with us?

And, shhhhhh!!!!


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