26 May, 2010

april 29th 2010

tollhouse "bars"


the first step in baking is organization and preparedness. i'm getting that DOWN.
kitchen, ingredients, everything: ready.

this week's recipe, as hinted in the genius graphic that week, was tollhouse cookie bars...
note my little scribble at the top: to "buy ice cream...just in case..."
and when saying "just in case" i was thinking of the last time we tried to make bars...that being, the infamous march 11th white chocolate fudge bars.
 as we learned that night--vanilla ice cream is always an excellent back-up plan in this business.
dough happily baking...
as i hover over it praying for at least an inkling of success this time around...

basically, somewhere in between tollhouse bars, and a gooey mess. i hate our oven. they were starting to burn so i had to take them out!! and i had lowered the temperature and everything! oh well.
in spite of a 50% victory, it was a delicious cookie-crumbly-gooey feast.

good thing we had that ice cream. :)

in the midst of everything...
evan read books...amy tried to tickle me...

we browsed the latest issue of Under the Radar (the magazine laura writes for)

chad poured us beer...

cassandra showed us her amazing homemade 3D photography.
because she's just rad like that...
and then laura and ian had their own private dance party.

i call it a victory. half-baked bars or no.

attendees: 11
us, amaris, amy, cassandra, chad, evan, ian, laura b, melissa, uncle tom,

love, colleen

jump down to laura's e-mail that week!

Greeting Cookie Fiends,

We know you've been having fun at cookie nights. Well, we've been having fun at cookie nights, and in the end, isn't that all that matters?

::Pause for self-reflection::

Anyhow, this week we're taking a break from all the exotic cookies and offer up a good ol' fashioned treat that even your mom would appreciate: Toll House chocolate chip cookies. Well, correction YOUR mom would appreciate them. My mom has spent the better part of 27 years trying to convince me that raisins belong in cookies--a view-point which I'm sure we can all agree is simply wrong.

Of course, being that it's cookie night, and things are never what they seem, we'll be making bars rather than those tired ol' round shapes. I know, I know, the power has gone to our heads. But please (if you will), see the attached diagram for how this is all going to go down. INNOVATION! For an encore, we'll be working on the reinventing the wheel. You can thank us later.


Laura and Colleen

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