21 May, 2010


Thursday, March 11
probably one of the quietest, lowest-key evenings we've had on a cookie night. aimee and acacia were visiting from the east coast, and pip dropped in to say hello...
here is aimee examining our ever-growing cork board collage... 

the recipe this week was white chocolate fudge bars
in the end...after all the ridiculous prep and work...the "bars" weren't much more than white-chocolate-melted-caramelized-goo.
i still can't tell you exactly what happened for this to occur.
but as i wrote at the end of the instructions in the recipe book "something went very, very wrong..."

in spite of the seeming disaster, it was really quite good...and we ended up spooning the hot sugary stuff onto vanilla ice cream 

pip enjoying his portion...

so...they didn't necessarily come out right...but were still amazingly tasty.
i think the evening can be summed up in a quote that was written down in the cookie log that evening:
"it is a successful cookie night--we all want to throw up." ~me

attendees: 5
us, acacia, aimee, pip
love, colleen

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